Romance, Rivalry, and Friendship, Relationships in Victoriana

Victoriana is a fantasy game, set in an alternate history of our own world, but as in any world, Victoriana is a game of character interaction, people interact, form friendships, fall in love, fall into dire rivalries, and everything in between, but, in extraordinary cases, bonds are formed that empower a person, and even change how they view the world (And also augment their decision making skills)

Thus, in any case where you think a character’s given relationship is particularly intense, or strong, whether it be a bond of friendship that has stood the test of time, or a bitter rivalry that forces each side to become better and better by the day. Thus, any character with one of these bonds (at DM’s discretion, and if with another player’s character, if both agree to it and can argue it,) each side gets a free ‘Inspiration’ talent, as long as it is tied to the bond, and a relevant skill, again, at DM’s discretion.

However, such bonds are a double edged sword, and thus, introduce certain Complications.

Lovers: You are deeply, and madly in love with someone, and while this feels wonderful, and can have a myriad of benefits, there are certain costs involved as well. You may favor the fortune of your lover over the rest of the group (Or even the world!), they could interfere with the machinations of your family, and call your social standing into question, and they pose as a great target to harm you, if someone wanted to get to you. When this comes up, the DM will notify the players involved, and they may act accordingly. ((EXAMPLES: Bonnie and Clyde, Romeo and Juliet, Rick and Evelyn O’Connell ))

Bonds of Steel: There are certain friendships in this world that cannot be broken. They topple any foe that dares cross them, however, this comes with their own pitfalls. Like in the Lovers complication, you may put their well-being over others, and without them at your side, you may not be as effective, almost as if you’re missing a hand. Costs determined by the DM on a case-by-case basis, and affected players will be notified. ((EXAMPLE: Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, etc))

Bitter Rivalry: You’ve had a rivalry that cuts into your every thought. How can you outdo your rival, make them look bad, or turn everything into a competition with them? While the mere idea of them having the gall to try and be better than you at something can galvanize you to work harder, faster, stronger, working together with them is nearly unheard of, incurring penalties while working with them towards any goal as your competitive spirit overrides the good of the party. ((EXAMPLES: Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla))

Loss: You have lost your closest friend, lover, or even rival, for a myriad of reasons. This complication manifests like another, as determined by the player, and the DM.

Romance, Rivalry, and Friendship, Relationships in Victoriana

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